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Top notch customer service is the foundation of Urban Wellness. We understand that entering a cannabis store as a new patient may feel intimidating; not at Urban Wellness. We are here to provide a welcoming environment. We offer one- on-one consultations to ensure you leave with the best product for your needs. We look forward to working with you.


Urban Wellness is a great place to get your medicine needs. the staff is always great, they are always on time and are very knowledgeable on the medicine they are providing. Please call urban wellness and let them get everyday started with a smile.

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Consistency is key. Our hand-crafted approach paired with highly monitored environments and a committed cultivation team allows Urban Wellness to produce some of the most consistent and high-quality product in New Mexico.


You can always count on Urban Wellness to have quality flower! Best staff and great specials on product on a regular basis. Highly recommend...

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We are proud to offer New Mexico some of the highest quality product. We offer terpene full strains up to 31% THC. If your searching for hand crafted, carefully cured and pesticide free cannabis, you’ve found your store! Come learn more about our latest strain releases as well as some of our long time patient favorites. 


If your looking for great quality product you have to stop at Urban Wellness. The product is always on point. the staff and budtenders are very knowledgeable and always have great advice on how to medicate.

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