Urban Team Work

Growing Medical Cannabis can be one of the most fun and enjoyable jobs out there. Surprisingly growing cannabis at a commercial level is a 24 hour, 365 day a year grind. Not only is there constant work, it's a never-ending learning experience. It seems like when you think you have it mastered, more ways to push the product quality comes to light. To achieve individualized plant attention on a commercial scale, teamwork is extremely important. Here at Urban Wellness, our staff is always ready to work and help out in any way needed. Whether we are packaging/ labeling, defoliating plants, trimming or just doing daily chores around the grow its all centered around teamwork. Our staff here has over 35 years growing experience; each lesson from those 35 years help Urban to provides our patients with the quality medical cannabis here in New Mexico.

One thing we have mastered here at Urban is teamwork. Whether it’s to offer an extra hand to finish a daunting task or implement and idea that benefits the grow, we go through it together. Often people think growing cannabis is an easy, kick-back job where you just watch the plants grow. When you are determined to produce the best quality cannabis available, there is much more to it. Each day we learn and innovate upon prior harvests and that is reflected in every batch of flower we produce. We appreciate all our staff here who show up every day ready for anything. We especially appreciate you, our patients, and strive to impress you with your purchase each and every time you walk through our doors. #UrbanGrown

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